On-Site Document Destruction

Recent legislation such as the Health Information Portability Act (HIPAA), and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (also known as The Financial Services Modernization Act), have brought an increase in the awareness of the need to properly dispose of sensitive information before recycling. Shredding has become the recommended method for the handling of sensitive documentation.
Document Depot & Destruction provides free, lockable security containers for the collection of confidential materials.

All material is shredded On-Site, where our clients can watch, if they like, for total security.

Shredding is done inside our truck with an automated system that allows your papers to be processed without being touched by human hands. Our industrial shredders render unreconstructable material that is then automatically compacted, then transported to a recycling facility.

When destruction is complete, you will be given a certificate of destruction, a signed testimonial documenting the date the materials were destroyed.


Off-Site Records Storage

Sensitive records are often subpoenaed during litigation and other regulatory investigations; therefore, not adhering to a formal record destruction and retention policy exposes your business to unnecessary risk and expense. That’s why Document Depot and Destruction also provides off-site record storage and retrieval services. Every company should develop a document management schedule specifically for their business.

A retention schedule is developed by considering your business’ need for your information and legal requirements. Documents should not be kept longer than an established retention period, with your approval, those documents will be destroyed and we will provide you with a certificate of destruction.